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Welcome to Bali Cake Wedding

Welcome to Bali Cake Wedding, we provide cake and chocolate with special design based on request by customer. Bali Cake Wedding have several kind of products : Birthday Cake(Celebration Cake, Novelty Cake), Cupcake, Wedding Cake, Wedding Cupcake, Chocolate Fountain (Chocolate Fondue), Chocolate Praline. Bali Cake Wedding have several other product that is not listed in the website like macaroon, pudding, canape, etc as sweet corner, just ask us about what you need. All of our product are freshly made by request of the customer (made by order only). Bali Cake Wedding can make simple, unique and elegant design of wedding cake based on request of the bride and the groom, with any style they want, with cake toppers, with flowers, etc. Wedding cakes are available in many different shapes and sizes ranging from single tier, one tier, two tier, three tier, four tier, five tiers, etc. Our customers are variable come from all over the world, they who are making events like wedding, birthday party, gathering and meeting in Bali.

Bali Cake Wedding serve various kind of cake flavor, but if customer have special flavor request, they can ask us about it, and also we serve veggie cake. Nowadays wedding cake can be designed also as wedding cupcake, so the bride and groom don’t need to cut their cake into pieces, just give the cupcakes to the guests. Bali Cake Wedding also serve birthday cake based on request model from the customer. We serve edible picture for cake and chocolate, this picture can be eaten safely, so the bride and groom or anybody can put their picture on the cake and chocolate. Cupcakes can be made also as cupcake corner so there is wedding cake as the centerpiece, and there is cupcake as sweet corner. For wedding party, birthday party, gathering and meeting, Bali Cake Wedding also serve chocolate fountain package(chocolate fondue) for desert or appetizer. Bali Cake Wedding have several kind of chocolate fountain package(chocolate fondue) from small until big package. For souvenir, Bali Cake Wedding serve wedding souvenir and birthday souvenir, they are made from chocolate which is chocolate praline, and also cupcake as souvenir. The cupcake is already put in a box and can be given as souvenir. If any office want to promote their brand, they can also put the brand name in the chocolate as souvenir.

Bali Cake Wedding have some sample pictures here, but actually we have many other collection that is not displayed here. Feel free to ask us about any model you want or if you have any sample picture just send it to us, thank you.

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